House layout
wide house blueprint
House Drawing

C + K Residence

New Homestead

Upper Kedron, Brisbane

Project Details:

Located on an existing cattle property, on the outskirts of Brisbane, this was the perfect site for a large new home for a local farming family.

The design brief was to create a contemporary and functional family home in the classic early-Australian country style. The clients wanted to have prime views across their estate and be immersed in the rural pleasures of the property. Consideration was also to be given to the prevailing environmental conditions, especially the available views and breezes.

The design process included the search for an appropriate building platform with the right orientation to make the most of the prevailing site conditions, not only for the main house but also the ancillary sheds and outbuildings that make up a working cattle property. What better place to start than on the crest of a nearby hill, the existing smoko area!

The striking design features complimented the era we were trying to create and provided a series of lovely open and private spaces for the family to gather, either when alone or when entertaining. New materials were selected to mimic the aesthetic of the homesteads of by-gone eras, yet also needed to be functional and easily maintained.


We are very happy with the final result … It was a pleasure working with you.