View From the Stairs
Small house red window
Outdoor View
Outdoor view 2
Stairs and painting
Ground Floor plan
2nd floor plan
House design
house design 2
Before Front Door
Outdoor View

D + M Residence

Federation House Renovation

Ashgrove, Brisbane

Project Details:

This small but stylish home was a perfect example of the ‘Spanish’ Federation style popular in the 1930’s. Whilst the front façade offered some unique design aesthetic from which to work, the remainder of the house was effectively a timber clad box.

The design brief was to create a contemporary and functional renovation, ideal for use by the whole family. Consideration was also to be given to preserving the front façade and as much of the internal building fabric as possible, as well as incorporating as much of the existing environmental conditions as possible, particularly the north-facing thick bush backdrop at the rear.

The contract included the complete removal of the rear of the house, replacing it with a new double-storey extension and adding covered decks on both levels to take in the surroundings. Facing north, this whole extension revitalised the house, particularly the internal spaces, allowing more light and air to enter the internal spaces.


We are completely satisfied with the work conducted on our family home. The design concept was excellent and your project management services provided us with confidence and peace of mind during execution that the project would be completed successfully. The project was completed on time and on budget.