House Front View
balcony set up
Outside View Veranda
Floor Plan
house Elevation
Colonial house Before 1

G + J Residence

Colonial House Renovation

Windsor, Brisbane

Project Details:

Years of ad-hoc and poorly executed renovations had left this home stripped of much of its colonial character and in dire need of a complete makeover.

The basic structure of the house was in reasonable condition, however almost everything else needed replacement, including all windows and the external cladding. It was imperative that any new work was in keeping with the original aesthetic, highlighting the traditional ‘timber and tin’ charm of the surrounding neighbourhood, yet creating a sophisticated and functional home with plenty of space for all members of the family to share.

It was also important to maximise the effect of the prevailing environmental conditions and the home’s connection with the site, ensuring that the most advantage as possible was made of the exceptional city views and seasonal breezes and winter sun.

The work included the addition of a whole new extension to the rear, with new side and rear decks. This was built to compliment the style of the original house, in the same aesthetic. The interiors were completely remodelled and upgraded in a similar manner. All building and finishing materials were chosen to seamlessly blend with the existing building fabric and enhance the sophisticated feel of the house.


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