Backyard View
Front yard View
Kitchen Room
House Layout Drawing
Layout Front
Layout Back
Before renovation Inside View

T + P Residence

Queenslander House Renovation

Newmarket, Brisbane

Project Details:

This older Queenslander style house was once divided into two flats. Hence it’s layout was cluttered and the internal spaces were dark and uninviting.

The design brief included the renovation of the top floor only, including a new rear extension and new covered deck. Consideration was also to be given to improving the relationship between the house and the prevailing site conditions, especially the lovely views and breezes at the rear. The clients wanted as much extra light and ventilation to enter the internal spaces as possible.

The work was centred around the incorporation of a new kitchen and adjacent rear deck, incorporating them seamlessly into the existing building fabric. It was also important that this allowed the extension of the rear living areas onto the deck, creating a much more user-friendly set of spaces for the family to enjoy.


We are very pleased with the renovations to our house. The whole renovation was completed on time and on budget. … We feel that your ideas for redesigning the back of the house have greatly improved this area both aesthetically and functionally. Thank you!