"Service Beyond Design"

If you are considering constructing new building, or simply renovating an existing one, we can be of assistance to you.

What does an Architect do?

We offer a level of professional service and expertise which no other building professional can provide. Architects are professionally qualified, and legally registered to practice. This registration means that we are bound by a code of ethics, which requires that we perform all duties with professional integrity.

As architects, we have been trained to advise you on all facets of the building process including:

  • designing and planning
  • selecting a site
  • undertaking a feasibility study
  • managing the building budget
  • drawing/documenting the design
  • organising all approvals
  • advising and arranging for tenders
  • managing the construction process/team
  • negotiating and managing contracts
  • maintaining the building.

Your Architect’s role in the building process

Architects possess the expertise to coordinate and manage your building project from beginning to end. Involvement in the initial design concept, including early planning and the determination of your requirements and needs for the building, puts us in the best position to effectively turn your ideas into reality. We can plan the work, brief the builder and provide the most cost-effective solution. Throughout the project, we will control the design, documentation and quality of workmanship and materials, to meet your time and budgetary constraints. We will be your independent adviser, liaising on your behalf with council, builders, consultants and suppliers and ensuring compliance with the spirit and intent of your project.

hands holding kitchen blueprint, comparing to real layout in the background

Cost benefits of using an Architect

It’s important to note that the fees charged by architects for design and documentation rarely exceed one per cent of the total cost of constructing and operating a building throughout its useful life. Through good design, we can enhance the value of any building and produce significant savings, whether it be a small residential job, or a multi-story commercial project.

This is especially relevant when it comes to considering building life-cycle costs, particularly those associated with running and operating a building.

If you want to find out more, ask us how.